Yoga Studio Review: Agni Yoga in Hollywood, CA

I love living in Los Angeles. It’s an amazing city and very conducive to living a healthy lifestyle. We have the best urban gym at our front door, and the weather allows us to exercise and play outside year round.

We also have great yoga studios in LA with yoga being part of the culture. There are many options to choose from, and I love supporting the smaller local studios. I recently found a new one…and love it. It’s called Agni Yoga, and is in Hollywood. I have been practicing with the owner, Ashley Cummings, for a few years and am really enjoying her class. Now that she has her own studio nearby, I get to practice with her more often.

The studio is filled with incredible energy and lots of positive messages: including a variety of Buddhas, Ganeshe…and friends. Her class is strong and has just enough of a spiritual element to take you deeper into your yoga journey, allowing you to transform along the way . She plays good music, too (and I am picky when it comes to the right music being played in a yoga class!). According to Ashely, “Agni Yoga is a spiritual center for transformational fire and love. The heat and fire is to burn away aspects, ideas and conditions that are no longer serving us.

The word Agni is a sanskrit word related to fire and heat, but with a spiritual connotation. To ignite your Agni, is to ignite your spiritual fire, and to be alive spiritually is to be open to the ultimate truth of pure love, pure consciousness and perfect present moment awareness.”

My favorite part is during shivasana when she plays the singing bowls. This is incredibly powerful and allows you to go deep in your meditation. The vibration of the singing bowls has a healing power, and helps realign your chakras. They recently had a sound bath restorative yoga class on a Friday evening that was spectacular. Included: were a serious of gongs, singing bowls, ocean drums, rain sticks and chimes, all synchronized…while we did restorative yoga poses. It was pure bliss. Definitely, check out her studio and class…’s so worth it!


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