Yoga At Dodger Stadium

There are so many perks to living in Los Angeles.  We literally have a year round urban gym and the weather is almost always beautiful.  We can go from hiking in the mountains to bike riding at the beach to exploring the desert to power shopping downtown all within a quick drive.

Last week we were able to experience something extra special.  Not only did we have incredible seats for a Dodgers game on a beautiful Sunday afternoon BUT after the game we got to practice yoga on the field at Dodger Stadium.  This was an idea that KIIS-FM and I had come up with years ago but was too expensive to pull it off and now here we were.  Having grown up going to Dodgers games as a kid and being in such a special place that has literally made dreams come true was amazing.

As we were escorted onto the outfield there was a different energy and excitement you don’t find in a typical yoga studio. The instructor was the beautiful Mia Togo and she led us through an hour of vinyasa style yoga.  Turning upside down in a stadium was definitely an opportunity to see things differently, which is something you end up taking with you into your daily life.  I know I had an wonderful day and so did the other 800 people who joined in the fun. Thanks to Julie Pilat for making this dream come true! Here are a few photos:

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