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They say there is no such thing as a coincidence. I believe it. I have been a big fan of LP for years, as I have watched her explode on the LA music scene. Her ability to command a room through her powerful performance and incredibly beautiful voice will leave you speechless. I have always wanted to interview her, especially when I found out she is a big fan of yoga. With her new album, Forever For Now, coming out June 3 on Warner Brothers Records, now felt like the perfect time. I spoke with her manager, who is a close friend, to see if there was anyway I could spend a few minutes with her, or maybe share a yoga class. Since we both have crazy schedules, I figured it would be next to impossible to set something up…and then two days later a “coincidence” happened. As I was about to begin my morning yoga class with one of my favorite teachers, Joan Hyman, I turned around and guess who was literally right next to me in class? You guessed it, LP!! We quickly laughed about the crazy twist of fate that had us side-by-side on our mats that morning. You learn a lot about someone through their yoga practice. What I learned about LP that day was that she is incredibly strong with a powerful, yet peaceful, presence. I was definitely impressed and inspired by her practice, just as I am by her music. With her powerful and unique voice, she has been described as a cross between Jeff Buckley, Florence & the Machine, and Janis Joplin with a style and sound all her own. She is equally gifted as a songwriter and has written songs for artists like: Christina Aguilera and Rihanna (including the song “Cheers”, which I worked at Island Def Jam Music Group. It was a big hit!).

When it comes to her health and fitness routine, we have a lot in common. Our favorite exercise activities are yoga and hiking. Depending on her schedule, LP tries to practice yoga three to six days a week and hike at least twice. When she is traveling, she takes her yoga mat on the road and streams the class from her favorite teachers…or hits local studios. The yoga pose she enjoys the most is triangle (same as me) because it doesn’t take a lot of effort and you feel the benefits throughout your body. It’s also good for working tight hamstrings. In addition, we have similar eating habits which are basically vegan with occasional fish, eggs, and cheese (as I like to call it a “veg-aquarium”). Her daily dietary supplement is Green Vibrance which she calls her “back up nutrition,” ensuring she gets all the greens and probiotics she needs. According to LP, “If you are on this earth you have to take care of yourself; you want your life to be the best it can possibly be.” We all benefit when someone with this much talent operates at the top of her game. Be sure to pick up her latest single, “Night Like This”, my favorite LP song, “Into the Wild” (which you will recognize from the Citibank commercial) and her new album, Forever For Now, ASAP! You will see what I mean about her mind-blowing talent. Visit her online at

Her favorite vegan recipe:

Lentil Dahl

  • 1 large onion
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 2 heaping teaspoons turmeric
  • 2-3 teaspoons ginger, grated or finely chopped
  • 2-3 tablespoons coconut oil
  • 1 whole green chili, grated, or cayenne pepper to taste
  • teaspoon paprika
  • 1 teaspoon salt or Bragg’s Liquid Aminos to taste
  • 3 bay leaves
  • 2 cups lentils


  • 1 teaspoon coriander powder
  • cup fresh coriander leaves, chopped
  • 3-4 handfuls baby spinach

  1. Soak in the lentils in spring water for at least 30 minutes (soaking decreases cooking time).
  2. Cook onion and garlic in a splash of coconut oil over med heat until soft.
  3. Turn down heat and spices and cook for five minutes.
  4. Add lentils with enough water to cover them, and heat to a boil, then simmer until soft.
  5. Add spinach and fresh cilantro if desired.
  6. Stir every ten minutes until done. Usually takes about 30 minutes to cook.
  7. Top with fresh coriander if desired.


REVIEW: Wanderlust Yoga In The City Los Angeles  0

The big Wanderlust event, Yoga in the City, Los Angeles, was an absolute blast!!  I was TRULY honored to be invited to host the all day event that included the best teachers in Los Angeles!

We literally took over the Santa Monica pier with 1,000’s of yogis plus amazing healthy food and drinks.  A special shout out to my friends at LYFE Kitchen for not only feeding me for the day but sending me home with a care package that will keep me eating healthy and delicious food for awhile. Also, thank you to my wonderful friends at LuluLemon for the great outfit.  I LOVE my new Wonder Under yoga pants.

During the event, there were three yoga classes: starting with Bryan Kest and Cristi Christensen.  Bryan took everyone through a powerful and grounding meditation, then Christi kicked it into high gear with her fantastic energy and incredible workout.  The next class was taught by Mia Togo and Ashley Turner.  They are the kind of women I respect and would like to hang out with on the weekend.  I love their energy, message and philosophy.  Their class was just like them….beautiful and inspiring.

The final class turned into a giant dance party.  It started with the arm balance king, Brock Cahill, aka the gravity cowboy. The class was then taken to another level when MC Yogi and DJ Drez took the stage.  Not only was MC Yogi hysterical to hang out with, it was clear his energy spread to the students as they where all on their feet dancing and singing.

The entire day was magical. The energy of the festival and the crowd was fantastic. It was clear that everyone who showed up was doing something healthy and fun for their body, mind and spirit. What a day!!   Be sure and catch next year’s Yoga in the City, LA.  I will definitely be back!!


Here is more information on Wanderlust and the teachers:


Bryan Kest:

Christi Christensen:

Ashley Turner:

Mia Togo:

Brock Cahill:

MC Yogi:

Read more:

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You Can Yoga Wherrrreverrrr You LIKE!  0

Happy New Year!! When it comes to working out, those of us with busy travel schedules need something we can take with us!! One thing that always works for me, and especially when I travel, is yoga. All you need is a little space and you can practice it anywhere in the world.  

I’ve just returned from an amazing adventure traveling all over Thailand and Cambodia. Needless to say, I found some of the most amazing places to practice yoga and I wanted to share them with you!! I’ll also include the pose benefits.

You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more photos of the trip @loririscher, and remember health and fitness is not a choice, it’s a lifestyle. Here’s to a great and healthy 2013!!

Boat pose, aka Navasana, on the beach in Phuket, Thailand
  • strengthens core
  • spine and hip flexors
  • stimulates kidney and thyroid function
  • digestion
  • relieves stress
Backbend, aka Urdhva Danurasana, on a stand up paddle board in Thailand.  Trying to balance was very tricky. Thanks to Tim Campbell at for the lesson and great afternoon on the water.


  • Stretches the chest and lungs
  • Strengthens the arms and wrists, legs, buttocks, abdomen and spine
  • Stimulates the thyroid and pituitary glands
  • Increases energy, and counteracts depression
  • Therapeutic for asthma, back pain, infertility and osteoporosis
Firefly, aka Titthibasana, at Angkor Wat, Cambodia.  One of my favorite places in the world!!


  • Stretches the inner groin and back torso
  • Strengthens the arms and wrists
  • Tones the belly
  • Improves sense of balance
Tree pose, aka Vrksasana, at Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia, where the trees are literally eating the temple.  It’s where they filmed Tomb Raiders!!


  • Strengthens thighs, calves, ankles and spine
  • Stretches the groin and inner thighs, chest and shoulders
  • Improves sense of balance
  • Relieves sciatica and reduces flat feet
Moon pose, aka Chandrasana, in front of the Reclining Buddha in Bangkok, Thailand.


  • *Helps stretch the lower back, abdomen and chest.
  • *Makes the rib cage supple and flexible.
  • *Massages, loosens and strengthens the waist, and brings balance in the body posture.
Side plank pose, aka Vashistasana, on the beach where they filmed The Beach: Maya Bay, Thailand


  • Strengthens the arms, belly and legs
  • Stretches and strengthens the wrists
  • Stretches the backs of the legs (in the full version as seen in the photo below)
  • Improves sense of balance
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