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Rockstar Health & Fitness With Iggy Azalea  0

I have been a fan of Iggy Azalea for years. I worked with her at Island Def Jam in the early days, and we were recently able to spend time together while out promoting her music. I have always been amazed at how her body is in such amazing shape and couldn’t learn her healthy secrets fast enough!! She definitely helped me get me ready swimsuit season by telling me about the squat challenge.

When I first did the challenge, I hated it. I couldn’t believe how hard it was to not only do squats everyday but to do them by increasing amounts! After I saw the results in my legs and glutes, I kept doing them. Now they are part of my regular workout routine. I do squats a few times a week, and have found that I enjoy them (well not when I’m actually doing them but like how they make me feel stronger…and look better in a swimsuit!). Iggy also loves to play tennis. She inspired me to sign up for classes again, which I am doing this month.

I am so happy she finally had her break thru success with “FANCY,” as I have always believed in her amazing talent.


Rockstar Health & Fitness EXTRA With IGGY AZA  0


Having spent my entire adult life in the music business, I have seen thousands of artist showcases.  I have to admit, I am jaded and it is not easy for an artist to really blow me away. I went to see Iggy Azalea perform a few weeks ago and all I can say is OMG!!  Not only did she blow me away, I have not stopped talking about her since the show.

Iggy moved to the US from Australia when she was 16 years old.  She did whatever it took to work hard and build a life around music.  She cleaned hotel rooms, worked in restaurants and during that time she was continuing to work on her music.  Her incredible beauty is breathtaking and it’s no surprise that she is a top model for the Wilhelmina agency.  But it’s her live performance and amazing musical talent that will blow you away!!  Her ability to rap and dance left me speechless.

Her body is a beautiful work of art, a true inspiration. Her fashion style, on top of everything, takes it all to another level. I couldn’t connect with her fast enough to learn her healthy secrets and how she keeps her body in such beautiful shape.

The video for her single “Work” is a must see and the song is perfect for your workout playlist. Here is what I learned from Iggy when we were hanging out at KIIS-FM. Keep an eye out for Iggy Azalea…..she is destined to be a superstar and definitely has what it takes!!

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