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REVIEW: Wanderlust Yoga In The City Los Angeles  0

The big Wanderlust event, Yoga in the City, Los Angeles, was an absolute blast!!  I was TRULY honored to be invited to host the all day event that included the best teachers in Los Angeles!

We literally took over the Santa Monica pier with 1,000’s of yogis plus amazing healthy food and drinks.  A special shout out to my friends at LYFE Kitchen for not only feeding me for the day but sending me home with a care package that will keep me eating healthy and delicious food for awhile. Also, thank you to my wonderful friends at LuluLemon for the great outfit.  I LOVE my new Wonder Under yoga pants.

During the event, there were three yoga classes: starting with Bryan Kest and Cristi Christensen.  Bryan took everyone through a powerful and grounding meditation, then Christi kicked it into high gear with her fantastic energy and incredible workout.  The next class was taught by Mia Togo and Ashley Turner.  They are the kind of women I respect and would like to hang out with on the weekend.  I love their energy, message and philosophy.  Their class was just like them….beautiful and inspiring.

The final class turned into a giant dance party.  It started with the arm balance king, Brock Cahill, aka the gravity cowboy. The class was then taken to another level when MC Yogi and DJ Drez took the stage.  Not only was MC Yogi hysterical to hang out with, it was clear his energy spread to the students as they where all on their feet dancing and singing.

The entire day was magical. The energy of the festival and the crowd was fantastic. It was clear that everyone who showed up was doing something healthy and fun for their body, mind and spirit. What a day!!   Be sure and catch next year’s Yoga in the City, LA.  I will definitely be back!!


Here is more information on Wanderlust and the teachers:


Bryan Kest:

Christi Christensen:

Ashley Turner:

Mia Togo:

Brock Cahill:

MC Yogi:

Read more:

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Superstar Miguel Shares His Health Secrets  0

Some people are just made to be superstars!!  I first met Miguel when he was a teenager and I knew then he was one of “those” people!  At the time, I was working for one of Hollywood’s most powerful management companies, THE FIRM.  I brought Miguel into our Beverly Hills office for a meeting as a potential client. He blew everyone away when he jumped onto the conference room table during his performance. It literally left them speechless.

Fast forward several years and he is on the brink of super stardom with his gorgeous hit single “Adorn.” In addition, he has several R&B chart toppers, a stunning Grammy performance with Wiz Khalifa (Kelly Clarkson sang his praises) and NOW his feature on the new Mariah Carey single “#Beautiful.”

The best part is, since I work with Mariah at Island Def Jam, I also get to work his song.  The LA Times is calling it the SONG OF THE SUMMER and it is flying up the charts.  I spent some time with Miguel at Wango Tango…while grabbing the camera so I could share his healthy secrets with you.  Here is what we discussed in our Rockstar Health & Fitness Extra video:

Read more:

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Bon Jovi’s Healthy Habits  0

Music is a powerful force!! The songs and bands you enjoyed while you were growing up seem to stay with you forever. Music has a powerful connection to link us to past memories and future dreams. It seems like only yesterday, I was in high school with feathered hair sitting in the front row of a Bon Jovi concert.

Today, I help oversee the band’s US radio promotion and marketing campaign. Having worked with the band for years, I have also had a front row view to their healthy habits. They recently launched another world tour in support of their just released #1 album, “What About Now.” Last week I was on the road with the band, taking radio programmers to the show and introducing them to Jon Bon Jovi. When we were in Las Vegas, I worked out at the hotel gym with JBJ, so I know how important a healthy lifestyle is to him.

His favorite exercise is running and he runs 6 days a week for about an hour. Don’t be surprised to see him throw on a hat and sunglasses and hit the streets for some cardio and fresh air when he is on tour. He also lifts weights and works on balancing/stability exercises that helps him keep the same moves on stage he had when I was in high school. The band also travels with a multi talented professional who is a trainer, chiropractor and nutritionist, all in one.

Jon’s favorite healthy foods are grilled fish and low fat Greek yogurt. He likes to snack on almonds, fruit and protein bars. Clearly, Bon Jovi is doing something right because the band has been at the top of their game for 30 years and continues to deliver #1 albums, hit singles and sell out stadiums, around the world.

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Neon Trees Makes A Splash  0

There are a lot of factors that determine a song going all the way to #1!!  This has happened TWICE to one of my favorite bands that I work with, Neon Trees.  Both of their multi platinum hit singles, “Animal” and “Everybody Talks,”  have gone straight to the top of the charts!  I am very grateful to have been a part of both successes,and it’s been fun watching them catapult into rock star status!!  We had so much fun filming their episode of Rockstar Health & Fitness.  Tyler showed us his favorite vegan recipe and Chris taught us about how he loves to run to his Zombie app.  He even got chased by zombies into the pool at the end! We also learn a great kettle bell exercise from Tyler.
Check it out…..
Hanging out on the set of Rockstar Health & Fitness w/ Neon Trees:
Learning a new workout with weights from Tyler Glenn/Neon Trees:
Be sure and watch the video to find out how Chris ended up in the pool!
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The Saturdays Inside Secrets On Looking & Eating Their Best  0

The Saturdays are an absolute blast to hang out with!! We had plenty of laughs the Saturday afternoon (yes, I was w/ The Saturdays on Saturday) we spent together at the House of Rock in Santa Monica. They are big stars in the UK with 11 Top 10 singles, sold out arena tour, on the cover of many magazines and have a new TV show on E! Entertainment, “Chasing The Saturdays.” Their TV show is about the journey trying to take their UK success and cross it over to the US.

The best part of filming their episode was our “kitchen mishap.”  Notice in the kitchen segment that I am laughing every time I talk about the juice…. and I have a watchful eye on the blender.  Continue to watch all the way through to the end of the credits to see what happened.  You will also learn a new dance move the girls showed me in the fitness segment.  Be sure and get their new single What About Us on iTunes.

Enjoy The Saturdays healthy secrets (and don’t forget to watch the very end for a good laugh).

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Celeb Ski Bunnies and Skiing Benefits  0

My all time favorite winter sport is skiing. Having a father who loves the outdoors, and spending my college years in Salt Lake City, I was exposed to the world’s best skiing at a young age. Because I love nature, I am also a big fan of outdoor exercise, and skiing covers all the bases. Last weekend, I ended up at Snowbird and was able to ski the beautiful Utah mountains. It took me a few runs to remember how to turn without having to slow down. But it really is like riding a bike, it does comes right back to you.

I was impressed with how much my yoga practice helped me, especially with: balance, concentration and leg strength. I definitely found out that all those Utkatasna (aka chair poses) really do pay off. Luckily, I also had a great partner, expert skier and mountaineer, Doug Stoup, who reminded me to stay in control and be patient. According to Doug, “to prepare for skiing it’s best to cross train, using a variety of exercises. Try to do some that simulate skiing, such as: rollerblading, riding a mountain bike, stand up paddle boarding and yoga. All these sports improve your core and leg strength which pays off when you hit the slopes.”

Doug has turned skiing into a lifestyle. He takes people skiing in some of the most unbelievable places on this planet. You can go with him on one of his wild and life changing adventures by clicking on his website:  By the end of the day at Snowbird, my legs were warmed up and I was able to enjoy flying down the mountain.  Of course, just at that moment, the lifts closed….. and it was time for the hot tub!

My ski chariot awaits with Doug Stoup


Benefits of skiing:
  • Strengthens legs, core and arms
  • Improves balance
  • Increases flexibility and agility
  • Provides great cardio workout
  • Improves circulation
  • Increases metabolism
  • Reduces stress
  • Enjoying the magnificent scenery
  • Experiencing the great outdoors, and fresh air
Skiing is definitely a growing trend among celebrities.  I know Rob Lowe is a big skier.When I was a teenager, I ran into him on the slopes at Sundance. As a star struck kid, I asked to take a photo with him…. and he said, “No.” Other celebrity ski bunnies include: The Beckhams, The Jolie-Pitts, Gwen Stephany, Gavin Rossdale, Seal, Heidi Klum, OneRepublic (I skied w/ them), Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn (ran into her skiing,too). Then, of course, The Royal Family, including: Prince William, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and even Princess Diana.  Paris Hilton is always tweeting from various ski resorts.  Since it’s only February, make the most of winter sports and get out on the slopes!!
Have fun!
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Horseback Riding Core Benefits  0

We hope you learned some interesting information about CrossFit in the first episode of our Season 2, Skee TV, Rockstar Health & Fitness.  I’ve been enjoying Greg’s breakfast recipe and look forward to trying, Fortified Nutrition Perfect Blocks.
Next week, in our episode with Icelandic superstars, The Charlies, you will learn some great core exercises and a fun popcorn recipe.
This past weekend, during my adventure to Ojai, I discovered another great workout for your core. To celebrate a friend’s birthday weekend getaway, KIIS-FM APD/MD Julie Pilat, put together a, Pay It Forward, scavenger hunt. We divided into teams and traveled around Ojai doing fun things which included a few good deeds. At one point, I found myself horseback riding which proved to be a great core workout in itself! The list of benefits is incredibly long.
They include:
  • Improves cardio function
  • Improves respiration and circulation
  • Strengths muscles, esp., core, postural & pelvic, hamstrings, inner thigh and quadriceps
  • Lowers stress
  • Provides opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air
  • Facilitates learning about a magnificent animal
  • Develops trust


Get outside, witness nature, enjoy a beautiful animal, and get some exercise!!  These hints add up to a great combination of ways to provide better health for your body and peace to the soul.  Horseback riding has been a favorite Hollywood past time throughout history.
Equestrian celebrities include: Leona Lewis, Penelope Cruz, Madonna, Demi Lovato, Kristen Stewart, Angelina Jolie and trainer, Jillian Michaels.  Here in LA we have access to a great place up Beachwood Canyon where you can ride all around the Hollywood hills.
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You Can Yoga Wherrrreverrrr You LIKE!  0

Happy New Year!! When it comes to working out, those of us with busy travel schedules need something we can take with us!! One thing that always works for me, and especially when I travel, is yoga. All you need is a little space and you can practice it anywhere in the world.  

I’ve just returned from an amazing adventure traveling all over Thailand and Cambodia. Needless to say, I found some of the most amazing places to practice yoga and I wanted to share them with you!! I’ll also include the pose benefits.

You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more photos of the trip @loririscher, and remember health and fitness is not a choice, it’s a lifestyle. Here’s to a great and healthy 2013!!

Boat pose, aka Navasana, on the beach in Phuket, Thailand
  • strengthens core
  • spine and hip flexors
  • stimulates kidney and thyroid function
  • digestion
  • relieves stress
Backbend, aka Urdhva Danurasana, on a stand up paddle board in Thailand.  Trying to balance was very tricky. Thanks to Tim Campbell at for the lesson and great afternoon on the water.


  • Stretches the chest and lungs
  • Strengthens the arms and wrists, legs, buttocks, abdomen and spine
  • Stimulates the thyroid and pituitary glands
  • Increases energy, and counteracts depression
  • Therapeutic for asthma, back pain, infertility and osteoporosis
Firefly, aka Titthibasana, at Angkor Wat, Cambodia.  One of my favorite places in the world!!


  • Stretches the inner groin and back torso
  • Strengthens the arms and wrists
  • Tones the belly
  • Improves sense of balance
Tree pose, aka Vrksasana, at Ta Prohm Temple, Cambodia, where the trees are literally eating the temple.  It’s where they filmed Tomb Raiders!!


  • Strengthens thighs, calves, ankles and spine
  • Stretches the groin and inner thighs, chest and shoulders
  • Improves sense of balance
  • Relieves sciatica and reduces flat feet
Moon pose, aka Chandrasana, in front of the Reclining Buddha in Bangkok, Thailand.


  • *Helps stretch the lower back, abdomen and chest.
  • *Makes the rib cage supple and flexible.
  • *Massages, loosens and strengthens the waist, and brings balance in the body posture.
Side plank pose, aka Vashistasana, on the beach where they filmed The Beach: Maya Bay, Thailand


  • Strengthens the arms, belly and legs
  • Stretches and strengthens the wrists
  • Stretches the backs of the legs (in the full version as seen in the photo below)
  • Improves sense of balance
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