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Rockstar Health & Fitness With Wyclef Jean  0

wyclef Lori

My favorite memories of working with Wyclef Jean involve numerous occasions of him stopping by my office for a visit that began as a business meeting and then became a dance party. At the time, he had just released his solo album, The Ecleftic: 2 Sides II a Book.  It included some of my favorite songs: “Perfect Gentleman,” “The Red Light District,” and “911” (with Mary J Blige).  In those days, I shared a large office with my good friend Andrea Kline at the Sony Music headquarters at 550 Madison Avenue in NYC. Wyclef Jean would stop by looking for updates on how his songs were doing on the radio, and before you knew it, he would be putting on a private concert for us. If you have ever seen Clef perform, you would understand why he would immediately have us on our feet dancing and singing.

When he was a teenager, his family moved from Haiti to Newark, New Jersey, where he went to high school.  It was there that he teamed up with his cousin Pras and friend Lauryn Hill, and created the iconic music group, The Fugees. Their biggest singles were “Ready or Not” and their remake of Roberta Flack’s “Killing Me Softly.” The band went on to sell over 15 million albums worldwide and their notoriety launched successful solo careers for all three artists.

Wyclef is also a featured performer in several hit songs including: Shakira’s “Hips Don’t Lie” and Santana’s “Maria Maria”. He just released an incredible song with Avicii called “Divine Sorrow;” definitely put it on your workout playlist. His new album, Clefication, will be released in the upcoming Fall of 2015.

In addition to being a legendary rapper, musician, and producer, he is also politically active. In 2010, Wyclef ran for the President of Haiti, but shortly after his campaign began, he was disqualified since he had not lived in Haiti the previous five years.  Nonetheless, he remains active to this day in a number of charitable causes supporting his country.

I always love spending time with Wyclef. On his most recent visit to LA, he took me through his workout. I admit it: he kicked my butt! What makes his workouts fun is he feels that the best place to exercise is anywhere you find yourself.  Since we were at my friend’s house, we moved the furniture out of the room for a workout that included everything from acro yoga, gymnastics, push ups, tricep dips off the couch, relay races across the living room, and sit ups to Wyclef lifting me up onto his shoulders while doing squats! He even taught me how to walk on my hands, which is something he always did when we traveled together. I like to tell people that working out should be enjoyable. Find something you like doing and get your body moving rather than making it a dreaded chore on your to do list. Get out and have fun! And, as Wyclef taught me, you can exercise anywhere!

As far as food, Wyclef continues the habits he learned from his mother while growing up in Haiti — eat from the earth and choose organic. This includes staying away from processed and manufactured foods. To stay healthy on the road, he travels with his own juicer, and I had the pleasure of learning his technique. As I was rushing to chop the fruit, he taught me to slow down and enjoy the process. Even the washing and chipping of the fruit is part of the experience, so slow down and enjoy. He turned our juicing session into a dance party, just as he did with our business meetings.  He danced, moved his hips, and even sang “Hips Don’t Life.”  I took his advice and enjoyed the experience. Oh, and the juice (pineapple, mango, apple, and orange): It was delicious.

Check out our video interview to learn his workout details plus he shows me his favorite exercises and how he makes his healthy juice:


Nathan Sykes With Rockstar Health & Fitness  0

Nathan SykesNathan Sykes is following in the footsteps of Justin Timberlake and Nick Jonas. They both evolved from massively successful boy bands to heartthrob solo artists. Making that transition is not an easy one. Many have tried and failed but Nathan will not fall into that category.

Born with an incredible musical talent, he started signing when he was six years old. By the age of ten, he was winning local competitions. He joined the British boy band The Wanted when he was 16. I had the pleasure of working with the band for a few years. We shared a lot of fun memories (including adventures in London, NYC, LA, San Diego and Las Vegas) and big success. Their first single, “Glad You Came” went all the way to #1 here in the US. I watched as they went from being unknown to heartthrobs.

Nathan is now launching his first solo project and has a powerhouse team behind him (Global Entertainment). He is incredibly talented and really fun to hang out with so I am thrilled I get to also work with him on his new project. The first single is a fun uptempo song called, Kiss Me Quick. Recently, while he was doing a bunch of press for the new song, we grabbed a few minutes to find out his healthy secrets and all about his new music.

You can watch the Rockstar Health & Fitness video interview here:

Yoga At Dodger Stadium  0

Rockstar Health & Fitness With Fashion Icon Laurel Berman From Black Halo  0

We met on a wild adventure in India. The irony is we live a mile apart in LA, but destiny had our paths crossing nearly 10,000 miles away from home. As we shared our life-changing journey exploring the Taj Mahal, Varanasi, and Delhi, I discovered she was a top fashion designer. I was already well aware of the famous dresses from her line, Black Halo. One of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets, her clothes are designed to make you look five pounds thinner and two inches taller with her expert cuts and high-end material. They are the perfect “day-to-dinner” or “boardroom-to-bar” dresses because they are elegant, yet powerful and sexy.

Needless to say, my closet is now packed full of her designs, and I receive more compliments on her clothes than any of the other designers I wear. I heard the best compliment last week when I was in NYC wearing her cobalt blue, Jackie O dress. A gentleman approached me and said, “That dress is stunning and just screams, ‘You’d better have serious game to even approach me’.” I laughed and immediately texted Laurel to tell her it should be the tagline for Black Halo’s newly launched line of evening dresses, Black Halo Eve by Laurel Berman.

Since traveling through India together, Laurel has become one of my best friends—so I know firsthand how committed she is to a healthy lifestyle. Her favorite workout out is yoga, which she practices four to five times a week; she also rollerblades for four hours every other Saturday. When she travels, she visits her favorite yoga spots in each city, and sometimes sends her rollerblades on ahead to her hotel so she can cruise through Central Park or Golden Gate Park and enjoy the outdoors.

Her Favorite Yoga poses

Humble Warrior: Because she loves forward folds—and this one is more active. She drops her head to release the tension in her neck and shoulders anytime stress begins to build; when needed, she even deepens the release by adding eagle arms to the forward fold. She told me the stretch is amazing. I just tried it and she’s right!

Tumbling Tree: I love the name of this pose, which is basically moving from Warrior 3 to standing splits without falling. She loves the balancing aspect of the pose, and says that when the body is in balance, it colors every aspect of your life, creating balance throughout.

Laurel loves the transitions in her practice, the poses between the poses. She focuses on the breath to keep them smooth and purposeful without falling out of the pose during exit and entry. This represents another skill that helps her in her daily life…flowing smoothly through life’s transitions is easier once you master it on the mat. The main reason why she loves the practice of yoga is how it benefits the mind; having more control over her thoughts and emotions—not letting them run wild helps in her fast-paced professional and personal life. She moves through life with grace and style thanks to her yoga practice, healthy lifestyle…and great wardrobe!


Rockstar Health & Fitness Workout Playlist Comes To iHeartRadio  0

Photo Credit: Shutterstock/KIIS-FM  

One of the best parts about the holidays (& life in general) is spending time with people you love. That is true soul food. It’s so great to catch up with family and dear friends or maybe stopping by to visit a neighbor. It’s fun to share thoughtful gifts and create new memories. In my family, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and laughing. Luckily, we are an active bunch so there is always some sort of exercise and outdoor playing around.

My favorite way to workout is listening to great music when I am exercising. When I was teaching KIIS-FM yoga on the pier series, I was well known for my incredible playlists. Which is why iHeart Radio asked me to create a workout playlist for my Rockstar Health & Fitness radio station. It is so fun to combine my favorite things: exercise and music.

My playlist has so much good music that I guarantee you will hear songs you love regardless of your format preference. You will hear current hit songs like Taylor Swift, “Blank Space”, Hozier “Take Me to Church”, Lindsey Stirling “Shatter Me”, Fall Out Boy “Centuries” to great hip hop from Tupac or Big Sean to Classic Rock from Ozzy Ozbourne or Van Halen to some incredible surprise songs that will definitely put a smile on your face. More importantly it will motivate you to move your body and add a fun element to your workout. Inspiring you to burn those extra calories we always consume around the holidays. Remember, “it’s not a choice, it’s a lifestyle”

CLICK HERE to check out my updated workout playlist.


The Quickest Way To Tone Your Tummy  0

We had a great time filming the latest Rockstar Health & Fitness episode with, The Charlies!!  They are adorable, talented and it was fun spending time with them.  It was also interesting learning about their Iceland homeland, where they are superstars.  The healthy popcorn they prepared was delicious. In fact, I’ve made it at home several times.  I was really happy that they choose one of my favorite core exercises: plank pose.  We use plank a lot in yoga because it is such a powerful posture.  The main benefits are that it tones the abdomen and strengthens the arms, wrists, legs and spine.  Learn more benefits about plank, a healthy popcorn recipe and fun facts about Iceland in the new episode of Rockstar Health & Fitness.

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REVIEW: Wanderlust Yoga In The City Los Angeles  0

The big Wanderlust event, Yoga in the City, Los Angeles, was an absolute blast!!  I was TRULY honored to be invited to host the all day event that included the best teachers in Los Angeles!

We literally took over the Santa Monica pier with 1,000’s of yogis plus amazing healthy food and drinks.  A special shout out to my friends at LYFE Kitchen for not only feeding me for the day but sending me home with a care package that will keep me eating healthy and delicious food for awhile. Also, thank you to my wonderful friends at LuluLemon for the great outfit.  I LOVE my new Wonder Under yoga pants.

During the event, there were three yoga classes: starting with Bryan Kest and Cristi Christensen.  Bryan took everyone through a powerful and grounding meditation, then Christi kicked it into high gear with her fantastic energy and incredible workout.  The next class was taught by Mia Togo and Ashley Turner.  They are the kind of women I respect and would like to hang out with on the weekend.  I love their energy, message and philosophy.  Their class was just like them….beautiful and inspiring.

The final class turned into a giant dance party.  It started with the arm balance king, Brock Cahill, aka the gravity cowboy. The class was then taken to another level when MC Yogi and DJ Drez took the stage.  Not only was MC Yogi hysterical to hang out with, it was clear his energy spread to the students as they where all on their feet dancing and singing.

The entire day was magical. The energy of the festival and the crowd was fantastic. It was clear that everyone who showed up was doing something healthy and fun for their body, mind and spirit. What a day!!   Be sure and catch next year’s Yoga in the City, LA.  I will definitely be back!!


Here is more information on Wanderlust and the teachers:


Bryan Kest:

Christi Christensen:

Ashley Turner:

Mia Togo:

Brock Cahill:

MC Yogi:

Read more:

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Neon Trees Makes A Splash  0

There are a lot of factors that determine a song going all the way to #1!!  This has happened TWICE to one of my favorite bands that I work with, Neon Trees.  Both of their multi platinum hit singles, “Animal” and “Everybody Talks,”  have gone straight to the top of the charts!  I am very grateful to have been a part of both successes,and it’s been fun watching them catapult into rock star status!!  We had so much fun filming their episode of Rockstar Health & Fitness.  Tyler showed us his favorite vegan recipe and Chris taught us about how he loves to run to his Zombie app.  He even got chased by zombies into the pool at the end! We also learn a great kettle bell exercise from Tyler.
Check it out…..
Hanging out on the set of Rockstar Health & Fitness w/ Neon Trees:
Learning a new workout with weights from Tyler Glenn/Neon Trees:
Be sure and watch the video to find out how Chris ended up in the pool!
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The Saturdays Inside Secrets On Looking & Eating Their Best  0

The Saturdays are an absolute blast to hang out with!! We had plenty of laughs the Saturday afternoon (yes, I was w/ The Saturdays on Saturday) we spent together at the House of Rock in Santa Monica. They are big stars in the UK with 11 Top 10 singles, sold out arena tour, on the cover of many magazines and have a new TV show on E! Entertainment, “Chasing The Saturdays.” Their TV show is about the journey trying to take their UK success and cross it over to the US.

The best part of filming their episode was our “kitchen mishap.”  Notice in the kitchen segment that I am laughing every time I talk about the juice…. and I have a watchful eye on the blender.  Continue to watch all the way through to the end of the credits to see what happened.  You will also learn a new dance move the girls showed me in the fitness segment.  Be sure and get their new single What About Us on iTunes.

Enjoy The Saturdays healthy secrets (and don’t forget to watch the very end for a good laugh).

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Celeb Ski Bunnies and Skiing Benefits  0

My all time favorite winter sport is skiing. Having a father who loves the outdoors, and spending my college years in Salt Lake City, I was exposed to the world’s best skiing at a young age. Because I love nature, I am also a big fan of outdoor exercise, and skiing covers all the bases. Last weekend, I ended up at Snowbird and was able to ski the beautiful Utah mountains. It took me a few runs to remember how to turn without having to slow down. But it really is like riding a bike, it does comes right back to you.

I was impressed with how much my yoga practice helped me, especially with: balance, concentration and leg strength. I definitely found out that all those Utkatasna (aka chair poses) really do pay off. Luckily, I also had a great partner, expert skier and mountaineer, Doug Stoup, who reminded me to stay in control and be patient. According to Doug, “to prepare for skiing it’s best to cross train, using a variety of exercises. Try to do some that simulate skiing, such as: rollerblading, riding a mountain bike, stand up paddle boarding and yoga. All these sports improve your core and leg strength which pays off when you hit the slopes.”

Doug has turned skiing into a lifestyle. He takes people skiing in some of the most unbelievable places on this planet. You can go with him on one of his wild and life changing adventures by clicking on his website:  By the end of the day at Snowbird, my legs were warmed up and I was able to enjoy flying down the mountain.  Of course, just at that moment, the lifts closed….. and it was time for the hot tub!

My ski chariot awaits with Doug Stoup


Benefits of skiing:
  • Strengthens legs, core and arms
  • Improves balance
  • Increases flexibility and agility
  • Provides great cardio workout
  • Improves circulation
  • Increases metabolism
  • Reduces stress
  • Enjoying the magnificent scenery
  • Experiencing the great outdoors, and fresh air
Skiing is definitely a growing trend among celebrities.  I know Rob Lowe is a big skier.When I was a teenager, I ran into him on the slopes at Sundance. As a star struck kid, I asked to take a photo with him…. and he said, “No.” Other celebrity ski bunnies include: The Beckhams, The Jolie-Pitts, Gwen Stephany, Gavin Rossdale, Seal, Heidi Klum, OneRepublic (I skied w/ them), Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn (ran into her skiing,too). Then, of course, The Royal Family, including: Prince William, Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, and even Princess Diana.  Paris Hilton is always tweeting from various ski resorts.  Since it’s only February, make the most of winter sports and get out on the slopes!!
Have fun!
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